So many directors of private schools or daycare centres struggle with the overwhelm of running the school, managing staff, and making sure the families are cared for... all while keeping the centre's vision in sight, AND trying to make the financials work? Well, what I do is take away the overwhelm that comes from feeling like you have to be doing it all.

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You know, the constant grocery shopping, meal prepping, house cleaning and managing of children’s activities, just to scratch the surface? Do you struggle with knowing how much to pay yourself from your business to provide to the family household? What I do is take away the struggle around your financial contribution to the household. I will help you create a consistent paycheque from your business so you can continue running the household – just without the financial stress.

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bookkeeper saskatoon

Let me tell ya, $500 USD is not $500 CAD

And back when I was just starting to figure out how important money was in my business, that was killing me.

I had been bookkeeping for 3 years. And everything was about bookkeeping; the sleepless nights, the long hours on the computer, the telling my kids I couldn’t spend time with them because I had “work” to do. Every invoice that got paid was celebrated. They were more than transactions. They mattered.

Of course, as my business grew, my focus shifted. And after a while, cracks started opening up in my finances. I was sure I was growing, but didn’t seem to be better off at the end of the month.

That’s when I decided I need help.

I looked at course after course. And a bunch of different coaching programs.
All promising to help me understand money.

That’s when I discovered Profit First.

Hang on a second though….

Let’s back up….

Back in 2019 I was struggling with feelings of shame and I was embarrassed. Nobody knew it when they saw me in public.  I was working 10 hours a day in my business, I wasn’t eating the way I should, I was gaining the 90 pounds I had once lost and I was watching my husband and kids enjoy Saturday afternoon movie dates while I spent time working (all the while lying to myself saying “it’s ok I’m building this business as a legacy for them”). Money was going out as fast as it was coming in and I never knew what I could take as a “paycheque” so I could contribute to the household finances. Every month was a juggling act. My husband had to ask each time he wanted to hit up the Tim Hortons drive thru for a $1.52 coffee.  My kids needed school clothes and I was constantly juggling two or three credit cards to clothe them. To be honest, I was exhausted and ready to give up and go look for a job.
If you’re anything like me, you got into business for a reason…
You DIDN’T get into business to:
    • Work more hours than you did as an employee
    • Track expenses every quarter
    • Make a “consistent wage”
    • Worry about how to pay your bills
    • Hope that your husband lets you carry on with your dream
But you probably DID want:
    • To spend more time with your kids
    • To help more people transform their lives
    • To work on your own schedule
    • To be of service to people who truly appreciated your knowledge and skills
    • To make a hell of a lot more than a “consistent wage”
That was two years ago and I can confidently say my husband no longer has to ask if we have $1.52 to buy a coffee, he can even buy a breakfast sandwich if he wants. (Don’t tell him though, loose husbands with no spending limits are dangerous).
Seriously though, that’s why I became a Profit First Professional.

Not only is my husband free to eat whatever he wants at Tim Horton’s… but MY business is paying ME a regular, solid monthly wage AND a quarterly bonus. Every quarter.

I’m still not sure what’s better….
Making plenty of money for myself.

Or having my husband 110% onboard with my business.

(Kidding, clearly husbands are nowhere near as cool as quarterly bonuses).

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