Who am I?

I am not your typical financial advisor, I am a Certified Profit First Professional. I guide entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses, profitably.

What is a Profit First Professional? I am experienced and trained to guide businesses in their corporate growth. But quite frankly, you should expect that from any financial advisor you work with. What makes me unique is that I am trained, certified and have hands on experience in guiding businesses to grow profitably.

I am certified in the Profit First method and have direct access to accountants, bookkeepers and other experts globally who are all trained on this method. Combined we have over 3,000 companies using Profit First in their business. What this means for you, is that I have or can immediately get the answer for any challenge you face in growing profitability.

My mission is to empower business owners to make educated financial decisions to facilitate growth beginning with a foundation of rock-solid books.

What's my story?

Allow me to tell you…

You see in the bookkeeping industry it’s easy to get caught up in technology and being a business owner like you, I have to wear many hats. You know the HR hat, the Marketing hat, the Admin hat etc. Now I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not an expert of all those hats so it’s really easy to get caught up in the ads splashing across my computer screen promising to make really cool videos to boost my social media marketing. I got caught going down that rabbit hole a little too often. I’d find a program that looked cool that was only $500.00USD for the year, oh ya no biggie, I’ll put it on my credit card and worry about paying it next month, is what I told myself. And let me tell ya, $500USD is not $500CAD so it was always more but that’s a whole other story about our exchange rate.

Anyways, I wasn’t tracking how often I responded to those ads, I thought it was only a couple of times and that I still had enough available on my card to pay my recurring monthly expenses, oh was I wrong. I opened my credit card statement that month and it was over limit; umm what? That can’t be right, I sign into online banking and check the paper statement to the online statement, umm yup its right. Uh Oh! I don’t have enough available credit to pay for my actual recurring expenses that I need to run my business.  But I have a personal card joint with my husband I’ll just use that, it’ll be fine because my husband is expecting his annual bonus so I’ll pay it off next month. (Sound familiar? Spending expected money before you actually have it?) Anyways, I frantically signed into all of my online programs and changed the payment info. Didn’t think much of it until my husband saw the credit card statement. He wasn’t happy because we’d just spent the last 10 months scrimping and saving to pay that card to zero. Now normally my husband supports me 100% in my business and he doesn’t question anything if I say it’s for the business but this time, not so much. I got the “look”. This time I had gone too far, you see our daughter was graduating high school and we had worked hard to pay that card to zero so we could purchase the grad dress of her dreams.

To know me you’d know I’ve always prided myself on putting my family first, if my kids asked for the moon I’d find a way to pay for it. But this time I couldn’t do that. Not only did I break the cardinal rule of business bookkeeping “mixing personal and business finances”, I had also disappointed my husband; not to mention the look on my daughters face when I told her she’d have to settle for the second best dress. That’s when I realized I needed to make a change, I went overboard and had nothing to show for it. I still don’t have the really cool videos on my social media. Oh and that bonus my husband was expecting, it didn’t happen that year so I was really stuck. Eeeeek!

So I started googling ways to plan my business cash, I had always heard about cash flow planning but didn’t think I needed it because I was always able to pay everything somehow. But I admit I was tired of the constant juggling the “somehow” every month, I needed to be clear on how much money I was bringing in and how I was spending it. So I hired a coach, well, two actually. One coach mentored me for a year and taught me how to organize my business so I could build it how I wanted it to be. And the other taught me how to manage the money.  This is when I was first introduced to Profit First.

Its methodology made sense and is built on the concept of paying yourself first. You mean I could actually pay myself from my business and know what I’d be making each month? That was another stressor, I never knew from month to month how much I could take out of my business to contribute to my family. Anytime my husband wanted to go to the Tim Horton’s drive thru for a $1.52 coffee he’d have to ask if we had money in our bank account. Yes it was that bad.

That was two years ago and I can confidently say my husband no longer has to ask if we have $1.52 to buy a coffee, and now he can buy a breakfast sandwich if he wants. This is why I became a profit first professional, not only is my business now paying me a consistent wage so that I can contribute to my family, but my business finances are so fiscally fit I know exactly how much my business is bringing in and putting out each month, to the point that I barely have to think about it anymore.

If you can relate to any part of my story I invite you to book a call using the button below.  It will take you directly to my calendar for us to have a virtual coffee date. I’d love to meet you and discuss how we can work together to lead you on the same path to financial freedom.

My accreditation

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