Do you schedule the children's activities? Meal Prep the family dinners? Help the children with their homework? All while running a business and juggling "to do" items at the office?

I hear you because I do the same.

The day I married my husband he gave up control of the family finances; his explanation was the cliche “Happy Wife Happy Life!” I know it sounds corny but it’s true. The only issue I had with that was I didn’t know what my financial share was from month to month. He works outside the home so he always has a consistent pay cheque, but not me. Some months bills didn’t get paid on time because his pay cheque was short and mine was non existent.

Non Existent! How can you feed your children with a non-existent pay cheque? Let that sink in!

I’m on a mission to empower moms running full time businesses to be the moms they want to be the way they want to be without giving up the hobbies that make them happy! And it all starts with cashflow or in other words, telling your business “This is all you get”.

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