When people hear financial coach, they’re often left wondering what exactly that person can do for them. Are they a life coach, guiding their clients through the big picture? Or do they more closely resemble a football coach, barking orders to get results? 

I like to think of myself as the sweet spot right in the middle (without the barking orders part). I help my clients reach their business financial goals by getting to know them and their business, outlining a strategy, and helping to implement it. 

Here are some of my client experiences and the results I helped them achieve.

Business and Workforce Efficiency   

When I was working with a recent client, their main concern was efficiency and effectiveness, especially regarding their workforce. We started our three months of working together by going through some thought exercises: 

  • How much is your team costing you? 
  • How much does it cost for you to work in your business? 
  • What’s your time worth vs. your employees’?
  • How much does it cost to onboard and offboard a client? 

These questions were designed to highlight the purpose of each dollar in their business and help illuminate any inefficiencies in their processes. A combination of Profit First implementation and diving into their business’s processes got this client on track!  

“I was hesitant at first about the program. It has been a great experience and has enlightened me on how I can enjoy the fruits of my hard work and continue to have a healthy growing business. Thanks, Janet.” 

Getting Out of Debt 

Another client came to me with a debt problem. I’d been working with this client for quite some time as their bookkeeper, so they knew I could help with their debt repayment strategy too! With $20,000 of credit card debt, they felt they could never grow their business or even pay themselves. 

We worked through the debt reduction tool and now they’re debt-free after two years! With that debt off their shoulders, they always have enough in the owner’s compensation account for three months, even if they’re not working! 

“I have never felt so confident and comfortable with my business finances as I am now thanks to the services of JKM Strategies. Highly recommend.”

Understanding Business Accounting 

I often work with business owners who want to get the accounting side of their business down pat. This client in particular wanted to implement Profit First and understand the accounting side of their business without their head exploding. A very common sentiment, and remediable! 

I took this client through similar exercises as client #1 but with an added twist. We also worked through the “monthly nut” exercise, helping them understand what it costs to run the business each month no matter what. In other words, what’s your baseline? This includes subscriptions to Google Meets, rent, heat, etc.  These expenses come at you each month whether you make a sale or not. They’re the main reason business owners dip into a line of credit or debt. 

This client had a wonderful epiphany once we implemented Profit First and separated her bank accounts. She told me one day in a meeting that she realized that when all her money was in one account, she never felt particularly motivated to make a sale because there was already money in there! However, when the accounts were separated, she sure noticed when the sales one was empty. 

Before, the money in that one account had five different jobs and wasn’t particularly streamlined or effective. And that’s the beauty of Profit First. It encourages new behaviours that lead to a healthier business. 

With this client, we took it a step further and created a business coaching system where I’d help them create a business schedule. This way, we could outline their ideal weekly and monthly activities related to profit. 

This client is now happily using the Profit First model and running the financial side of their business like a boss! 

Building a Successful Business in a Year 

This client came to me with a timeline. They had taken a chance to start their own business and needed it to take off in the next year to make it worth the risk. So, we got to work!!

This client had seen one of my Profit First videos in a course she’d taken a while back, so she knew she could come to me for assistance when she needed to make some big progress. Because they’d seen me in a video, they had tried to implement Profit First on their own and hit a roadblock.

We started everything from scratch and got the financial side working efficiently and effectively. The setup went well, and now they’re off doing their thing and making progress! 

As you can see, my clients’ pain points and goals take many forms and require unique, tailored solutions and services. This problem-solving keeps me busy and happy (well, that and the results)! 

If you’ve got a sticky point in your finances, need assistance with your debt, want to grow your business, are looking to try Profit First or any other number of issues, I can help! Let’s make you my next satisfied customer!