Any bookkeeper can do your taxes and reconcile your books. But how many bookkeepers will also drive profitability in your business? That’s what we do. We are a Profit First certified firm.

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At JKM Strategies Inc, we pride ourselves on being your trusted financial advisor by continually offering exceptional customer service, providing you with peace of mind knowing your interests are cared for above and beyond what you expect. We’re not your average bookkeeping firm because we believe cashflow management is the key to sustainable business growth. There is nothing more frustrating for you as a business owner to constantly be reactive to the cash flow surprises that come up in your business.

We are a Certified Profit First bookkeeping firm that partners with you and our goal is to empower you around your finances, help you maximize profitability and achieve your goals.

This is why all of our bookkeeping packages contain an element of the Profit First cash flow methodology. As a Certified Profit First firm, it goes against our grain to exclude any of the tools we have available for you.

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