Do you learn better in a group? Possibly having the benefit of listening to others with similar pain points will help, if so, this program is for you. In this service, we have weekly live meetings within a small group setting, where everyone can learn from each other while driving the same path.

Time InvestmentWeekly Live Group Coaching Call (plus self paced homework; can vary)

Live 3 month course to Get You Started.

If you’re anything like most people I work with, the “business” side of business can be a chore. And often, people don’t really understand HOW to structure their business for profit. By now, you probably already know that profit is the number one thing you need to focus on. And while that might be obvious…. there’s something more exciting here…BONUSES.

So when you follow this 3 months live course, you’ll get one.

And I guarantee it, because profit first is specifically designed to deliver bonuses. To the people who own the businesses. AKA YOU.”

What's included?

  • Method: Live 3 Month Course to get you started that is set up as self paced online video training giving you actionable steps to implement Profit First
  • YOU GET LIVE GROUP COACHING: with me via Zoom each week
  • Length: 3 mos

When does this course run?

  • PROGRAM INTAKE: January, April, July, October

Read the first two chapters! Click here to Download.

How long have you gone without paying yourself?

Learn the equation that is changing the life of business owners all over the world. Real Income is that easy!

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    profit first certification

    I am not your typical financial advisor, I am a Certified Profit First Professional. I guide entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses, profitably.

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