Digital marketing agencies are growing in popularity in response to the growing necessity for companies to share their work online. An online presence can get your message and services out to a whole new audience. Basically, us business owners need digital marketing agencies.

I’d love to talk about how I can make a difference for them from a financial coaching standpoint.

Digital Marketing Agencies Making a Difference

I’ve been running my own financial coaching business for a few years now, and I’ve noticed a trend: businesses need to be online. Word of mouth is great but only goes so far. Being online opens you up to a whole new world of audiences and potential clients.

But what business owner has time to write and send out social media, blogs, ads, newsletters and worry about their website and branding? Not me! So I work with an agency who can get it done for me expertly.

However, having an online presence means entering a space that can have complicated effects on its users. So, how digital marketing agencies are portraying your business out there makes a difference. Are they adding value to the online world while sharing your work?

Mine sure does, and I got to thinking: how can I give back to this kind of digital marketing agency? Well, by helping them level up their finances.

Business Challenges Digital Marketing Agencies Face

Most digital marketing agencies, especially medium-sized ones (5-20 employees) face a particular set of challenges:

  • It’s difficult to scale this type of business. As you get more clients, you need to hire more employees to fulfil the work.
  • Bringing in clients and retaining them long-term can be difficult.
  • Finding and keeping good talent can be tricky for two reasons:
    • You’re working with a highly specific talent pool
    • People can easily go off and start their own businesses
  • This is a highly competitive space with more and more agencies and outsourcing groups entering the field. The competition is both local and international.

Financial Coaching for Digital Marketing Agencies

Money cannot solve all of your problems. But as a financial coach, I’m here to tell you it can solve most of your business problems. That said, let’s talk about how Profit First time!

If you choose to work with me, we will start by identifying your challenges (they’ll probably look similar to the ones outlined above) and build cash flow strategies to address them. This means getting to know your numbers. No more living in anxious and uninformed fear about your finances. I want you to push past the discomfort and get uber-familiar with the numbers coming in and going out.

Next, you’ll get to understand the story your numbers tell. Where is this income coming from? Why are you paying for that? What are your future plans for the business? We’ll identify your end goals, habits, and systems, and make that work for us.

And, finally, you’ll learn that every dollar has a job. We’re going to keep your finances clean, separate, and streamlined. We’ll open up separate bank accounts that make sense for you, give them nicknames (Profit, Payroll, Software, etc.), and with each sale you make you will divide it into these accounts as needed. That way, each dollar is going towards an expense, nothing gets looked over, and you will almost certainly have a nice nest egg leftover at the end of each month to use for growing your business.

Are you a digital marketing agency looking to bring value to your clients’ lives and the online world? I would love to work with you to keep your business’s finances strong and healthy. We need you, so let me help you grow and thrive! Book a call with me!

If you’re interested in working with me to implement Profit First into your business, book a call with me! I’m excited to see what options we can open up for you!