Instructions for Using the Profit Maximizer Calculator:

Step 1 – Use the dropdown menu to choose the revenue range that best matches your business’s annual revenue.

Step 2 – In the provided field, input the amount you charge for your service offering.

Step 3 – Press the “Calculate” button to see a detailed breakdown of your profit, owner’s pay, tax, and operating expenses.

Step 4 – Review view the calculated amounts for each category. These figures are based on the Profit First methodology tailored to your selected revenue range.

💡 Tip – The Operating Expenses (OPEX) figure represents the budget available to execute this project, ensuring you maximize your profitability.

Profit Maximizer Calculator

Profit Maximizer Calculator

Maximize profit on every service offering with our free Profit Maximizer Calculator designed for small business owners.

Congratulations! You've Taken the First Step to Maximizing Your Profit!

Feel confident knowing that your pricing strategy is optimized for maximum profit, allowing you to focus on growing your business without financial stress.

Take control of your business finances with a tool designed to empower small business owners, helping you achieve financial stability and success.

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A certified Profit First Professional and the driving force behind JKM Strategies, dedicated to empowering small business owners to achieve greater profitability and reclaim their time. With a wealth of experience in creating tailored cash flow plans, Janet has a proven track record of helping solopreneurs break free from the work-to-get-paid cycle. Her expertise encompasses building solid spending plans, establishing financial emergency plans, and developing strategies for future growth and investments. Janet’s commitment to her clients is evident in her hands-on approach, ensuring they thrive in businesses they love. Described as caring, humorous, and empathetic, Janet brings a warm and encouraging presence to every interaction, making her the trusted ally for entrepreneurs looking to transform their financial futures.

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