It’s my job to help businesses maximize their finances and bring in more profit. However, the first steps start with you. I can help you with the books, the habits, the strategy and the implementation, but I can’t make you take the initial leap (see the blog title). You could be the only thing standing in your own way! 

Let’s dig into some of the ways you could be holding yourself back from more profit, and how to fix them (I promise every solution won’t be “come see me”). 

You Don’t Know Your Numbers 

And maybe you don’t care to. I get that. It’s uncomfortable to dig into the numbers, especially if they’re a source of stress. But it’s the only way to get started on the path to more profit.

Get familiar with the monthly costs of running your business (payroll, rent, supplies, etc.) and your business’s (approximate) monthly income. Use these specific numbers to find opportunities for optimization, growth, or cutbacks. 

You’re Not Investing in Growth 

Growing your business costs money and requires a leap of faith that can be intimidating. However, it’s also completely essential if you want to see your profit grow. Taking out a business loan or investing in a professional that can help you implement a well-thought-out strategy will be worth it. 

Note: I’ll never advocate for you to jump into debt without a plan to pay it off. Do your background work before you sign those loan papers so you don’t find yourself in a tricky debt situation. You may even want to try the snowball method

You’re Not Flexible in Your Business Plans

Sometimes we have an idea and it just doesn’t pan out like we thought it would. This applies to starting a business too. Starting a business is a risk you take without knowing how it will work out, and sometimes it requires adjustments. 

If you aren’t seeing the sales, there are many steps you can take to try to make it work, even if it means straying from that original plan. Change up your branding, find the right audience, tweak your hours, offer incentives and deals, modify your products. Be adaptable as a business owner, even if it’s not what you were planning for. 

Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t There

I know, I know—you probably didn’t get into business for yourself so you could run a highly-curated and high maintenance Instagram page. Well, unfortunately, this is the technology-driven world we live in. 

Your marketing efforts, whether they be on social media, a newsletter, a blog, a website, ads, or print, should be achieving at least one of these three goals: 

  1. Sharing your expertise, and helping you become a credible source of information, products, or services. You want people to trust you. 
  2. Building your brand recognition. You want people to see your logo and think “hey I know those guys!” in a positive, sales-driving way. 
  3. Increasing your sales. This one is obvious. 

Whether you hire the pros to take care of this (like I do) or take it on yourself, you need to get the word out about business or your sales may never organically grow. 

You’re Scared to Ask For Help With the Finances

If you’re a business owner with a passion for your product or service—that’s great! That passion will keep you productive and happy. However, it could also mean that the business finances get a little ignored. We can’t all be good at everything—that’s why it can be a great exercise to hire some professional help. 

Whether it’s a bookkeeper or a financial coach (like myself), find yourself an expert and invest in their services. 

If you’ve read this and you’re ready to take the leap, let’s get to work! Book a free consultation with me where we’ll: 

  • Get to know each other, your business, and your pain points 
  • Find out what I can do for you
  • Get to work on a strategic plan to maximize your financial habits and grow your profit

Give me a call—I’m excited to meet you!