I’m in the business of upgrading yours. That is, I work with business-owners to help them get to know their numbers and streamline their finances for profit and growth. I get far more out of this work than a paycheque—I get the satisfaction of giving business-owners the tools they need to stick around for many years to come. 

When I work with a business, I’m more than a consultant or coach. I’m a partner in your progress and invested in your success. 

Why Financial Coaching? 

When I started JKM Strategies, I already had a successful foundation built as a bookkeeper, and I was interested in having a more active and extensive role in helping businesses become and stay profitable. 

As a bookkeeper, I watched business-owners put everything they had financially, physically, and emotionally into their business and still not know their numbers well enough to say “my business is profitable,” or “my business is taking care of me (the owner) so I can thrive professionally and personally.” I wanted to help them get informed and strategic with their finances. 

Most importantly (and like many of my clients) I’ve lived from invoice to invoice, just hoping to contribute to my family’s finances. I am my own first success story (but not the last!). 

Financial Coaching for All Industries 

I am completely invested in the long-term success of every single business owner that walks through my door (metaphorically speaking). However, there are a few that hold a special place in my heart.

Mom-owned businesses are some of my favourites to work with, simply because it’s so rewarding to see women succeeding and contributing to their family’s wellbeing. I was once a Mom running a struggling business, and I know the feelings that go along with that. So, I love working with Moms to make their businesses successful for them and their families. 

Digital marketing firms are another top industry of interest for me. Since I started JKM Strategies I’ve learned that businesses need to be online to reach more people. However, keeping track of the website, ads, blogs, social media, newsletter, etc. is just too much for a business owner (especially a small business owner)! We need digital marketing firms that are putting out quality, principled content to represent our businesses online. So, my way of giving back to these teams is working with them on their finances so they can focus on making great content.

Daycares hit a soft spot of mine. Daycare owners are often stretched completely thin, focused on the central mission of caring for children. Those of us who’ve sent our kids to daycare definitely prefer this, but it can leave the finances a little overlooked. I work with daycares to ensure they can continue to provide great care for children for many years to come, taking the finances off their list.

Restaurants are a fun challenge for me. They don’t enjoy a predictable slow season—the best ones are busy year-round. Their finances can get missed in the ongoing rush. Smaller restaurants often don’t have the resources to employ a financial person/team full-time, so I offer up my services! I can get your finances set—streamlining processes, outlining goals, and making an action plan for growth you can carry out on your own. 

What Can A Financial Coach Do For My Business? 

When you work with me, we’ll go through three steps: 

  1. Get the money in order. We’ll start by putting out any fires (unsolved taxes, etc.) and streamlining the bookkeeping. 
  2. Uncover hidden profit. It’s in there somewhere, I promise! We’ll work together to systemize your processes, save money, and add more profit to your bottom line. 
  3. Make a plan for growth! We’ll realize your short-term and long-term goals for the business, opening up more profit, time, and opportunities for you!

Each of these steps comes with their own nuances depending on your business, but that’s the foundation. Not so scary, is it? 

Working with a Profit First financial coach takes the guesswork out of your finances. I know all too well the stress that can come with not knowing the state of your numbers, living on a prayer and another loan to get the bills paid each month. Let me become an invested partner in your success, setting it up for long-term profitability and growth. 

I’m so excited to help you reach your goals! Book a meeting with me and let’s get to work!